Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 8 - Waygani, Redi Ganesh and Amboli Ghat

As the boatman had suggested previous day, I waited till 10 am expecting any good news about dolphin sighting. Meanwhile I went to beach to spend some time. I noticed some fishermen working hard to pull out the fishing net. It was a very well coordinated job among 20 odd people. I watched them for an hour while catching the fishes. Around 10 am, I called them up to check the status but there was no good news. So I decided to pack up and head towards Wayagani beach. It is located in Vengurla around 40 kms away from Malvan. I reached there around 12.45 pm. The beach is nice and secluded and very few people know about it.
Secluded beach of Waygani
If you are a big group of  people certainly it would be a fun. I was running out of time so I kicked off after capturing some snaps. I was planning to directly head to Amboli ghat but I came to know that Redy Ganesh temple is 30 more kms. So I decided to visit it. It is almost touching Goa border. Temple is relatively small but Ganesh idol is big and attractive.
Redi Ganesh

Now it was almost 2 pm and I was already to late as I had to cover around 200 kms to reach Kolhapur. Route goes via Savantwadi, Amboli ghat, Ajara and Nipani finally ending at Kolhapur.
I wanted to spend some time at Amboli ghat as I had not been there. On the way rain cought me at Sawantwadi. I waited for 15-20 mins and then I wore my raincoat and moved on. Amboli ghat is 21 kms away from Sawantwadi. Its just an awesome place full of dense forests and waterfalls. Every place is more or less a view point. Mahadev gad point is one of the famous place 2.5 kms inside from main road. It was around 4.30 pm. I continued towards Kolhapur. On the way was dense forest near Ajara. I am not sure but I guess i saw 2 young bisons. This area is close to sanctuary so there is a good possibility that those should have been bisons. Some more distance and heavy rain drenched me. I decided to halt waiting for rain to stop. Around 5 pm I started back and reached at 7.30 pm.. Journey was very much tiresome as the road was in bad shape at some patches.


  1. Hi

    Awesome trip description man!! I am starting my Konkan exploration from this weekend.

    Since I am looking for a few answers quite urgently, hence posting this on your blog too (had posted the same on Indiamike forum, on vic's thread on 12th dec; no replies and hence have posted the same in one of your threads)

    I am planning a trip spanning "Mumbai-Harihareshwar-Srivardhan-Diveagar-Murud (Janjira fort)-Alibaug-Penn-Mumbai" (itinerary) in 3 days by taking the car. But Ferry options, wherever available, excite me.

    Kindly correct me & add on this:
    Ferry options are there on:
    (1) Diveagar-Murud: how much time it takes & how to book?
    (2) Alibaug-Mumbai
    Please add if there is any other ferry link available on the above mentioned itinerary

    Koschan 1: How much time it would take approx. from Diveagar to Murud by road, considering I have a car
    Koschan 2: Am planning to cover Mumbai-Harihareshwar-Srivardhan-Diveagar on Day 1 & wake up on Day 2 morning at Diveagar (we're taking our car). Is it too aggressive? or looks fine. Comments/inputs please.

    Thanks! Looking forward to your reply

  2. Pls advise if Goa ghat closure timings. I want to drive from Pune to Goa starting at 1 pm but worried the ghats might be closed

    Many thanks

    R S

  3. I would suggest you to avoid night travel if you are traveling on bike. I believe, there is nothing like closing of ghats. They are open 24X7. Last month I traveled by bus at midnight and it was open..


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