Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 5 - Welneshwar, Jaigad and Ganpatipuley

Welneshwar Temple
Today, I started from Dapoli towards Guhagar which is around 30 kms away. Destination was Welneshwar. There is a famous temple of Welneshwar (Lord Shiva). Temple is beautiful. I offered my prayers to the god. Behind the temple, is a beautiful white sand beach. It was not so crowded, may be because it was a weekday or it is not so much famous among tourists. I wandered around the beach for an hour enjoying the tranquility.

 Next I headed for Hedvi which is 4-5 kms away from Welneshwar. It is famous for Dashbhuja Ganesh temple. Then I moved on to check Hedvi beach but I did not find it interesting as it is not so long and not so much eye catching. I visited Uma-Shankar temple along the beach. Then I continued for next place Jaigad. For that I had to go to Tavsal to catch a boat to cross the creek. Unfortunately there was not boat available. So I headed to Kudli village where I would get boat which was better than taking road via Bhatgaon. Finally I got a boat to cross the creek and I was on my way to Jaigad. The route goes via Khandala, a small village close to Ganpatipuley. Jaigad is a small seaside fort. It is still in good condition specially the fortified walls and strongholds. Also, you get to see breathtaking view of sea and the creek. It takes around 30 mins to cover the fort.
Here also, I spotted 2 couples of white bellied sea eagle and I could capture them with my 4x optical zoom camera :)
Whilte bellied Sea Eagle
Reflections of light, sunset at Ganpatipuley
It was almost 2 pm and i needed to put something in my stomach.. After the lunch I kicked off for Ganpatipuley which was last place of the day. I reached there in less than 45 mins. On the way I had a look at Malgund beach which is adjacent to Ganpatipuley beach. It is also good with golden sand and less crowded. First of all I rented a room and left my luggage. Then I went to Ganesh temple.. After spending some good and peaceful time in temple, I went out for beach. This is one of my favorite beach. Clean, long, white sand, greenish water. I played around the water, captured some nice pics.. Took a long walk along the strand. I experienced an awesome Sun set..  The skyline was so beautiful, full of different colors and changing every few minutes. Now, it was time to get something spicy and delicious Konkani food. I went to MTDC restaurant and had a dish with fried fish and fish curry making my day worth.


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