Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 1 - Journey Kicks Off, Pune - Thal - Alibag

Visit to Underi/Khanderi

Fishes in process of preservation
 I started around 6.30 am from Pune. Route was via Lonavala, Khopoli, Pen till Alibag. Monsoon was still on so I could experience early morning breathtaking views at Khandala. It was amazing landscape along roadside. After a few halts on the way, I reached Thal around 11.30 am. For Thal, we can take a left 8 kms before Alibag while coming from Pen. Ask for Thal Koliwada from where you can get a boat for Underi and Khanderi. From the seashore itself, one can easily notice 2 forts on the horizon. The one which is closer, is Underi and other one is Khanderi. Being a fishing village, we can see different kind fishes kept for preservation along the seaside.
Khanderi Fort

First we went for Khanderi fort which is relatively bigger and in good condition. There is a lighthouse on the fort which is a nice thing to explore. You can get magnificent views of the sea around the fort. One can see the fortified walls, the strongholds and cannons on the fort. Also, there is a temple on the fort which has a lot of importance among the local people, specially the fishermen.

Lighthouse at Khanderi

Underi Fort
 They offer their prayers on festivals and specially, before venturing into the sea at the start of fishing season. We wandered on and around the fortified walls although the place was full of wild grass and a bit risky due to snakes and other such creatures. Heat was also on high as sun was right on top. We could not reach till cannons as we couldn't find a safer way through the grass. We explored the lighthouse for a while. It runs on batteries. Solar energy is used at many places. Later, we headed for Underi. Underi is relatively small and not well maintained. It's walls are broken and fallen down at many places. There is no facility for boats to hold on the boats with ropes . So Pravin Temkar, the boatman decided to stay with the boat and I got down to check if I can see anything on myself but the place was full of grass and it was difficult to find the way after some steps and to be frank I was afraid to go through that grass on my own ;).

Cannons at Kulaba fort, Alibag
 So, I decided to turn back and we returned back to Thal. It was start of low tide so I disembarked on a rocky patch constructed a few meters inside the water from the sea shore. On my way, I noticed that there was some area covered with mangroves but it was polluted with plastics hanging around all over. In those rocks, I could see hundreds of crabs running around to hiding as I walked on the path. Finally Pravin came back after putting anker to his boat. We walked towards his home. His mother offered me fish curry and rice. Since I was on fast, I decided to go for veg meal with rice and curry. This is the kind of hospitality one can experience in Konkan. He brought the curry from one of his neighbour. Now it was the time to say good bye to Thal and I headed to Alibag as I had to visit Kulaba fort at the Alibag beach. First of all, I searched for a hotel to get some rest. After settling down, I went on the beach which was at the walking distance. As I was alone, I had wait for some group to share the horse cart. I chose this option rather than walking all the way to fort. At the time of low tide, we can walk upto the fort. After long wait I could find a seat and I reached Kulaba fort within 5 mins. Similar to other sea forts this has some peculier features. It comes under archeological department. I spent some 30-40 mins exploring the fort and returned back while the sun went down to sleep.


  1. Good and informational Blog but lil short compared to Laddakh :)
    Continue to Explore the world !!!

  2. Really cool..would like to accompany in the next expedition

  3. Are tya gawatacha pan photo takayacha na jithe jayala tula bhiti watat hoti.
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    Dhanya re mitra. Ek number.

  4. मस्त रे पोरा लई भारी , असच फिरत राहा , पुढचा वेळी मी असेन :P

  5. awesome work !! I appreciate it.

  6. Dhanyavad mitrano!!
    @Amol - barobar ahe Ladakh cha blog mi barach descriptive lihila hota.. Ha mi mostly informative lihilay tyamuley thoda short ahe..
    Hopefully, all of you would join me next time.. It will be more fun :)

  7. Nice information...
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