Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 4 - Harihareshwar, Suvarndurg, Harnai

Today's plan included a visit to Harihareshwar, Suvarndurg fort and beaches of Anjarle and Harnai.
Pradikshina marg at Harihareshwar
I started at around 7.30 am from Mandangad and headed to Bankot which is around 30 kms away. I reached there around 9 am. Road was pretty much in good shape other than a few bad patches. Bankot is also known for sea side fort. 2-3 kms before Bankot, is a jetty at Veshvi. From here one can easily carry there vehicles across the creek. Launch takes us to Bagmandla. Harihareshwar is just 5 kms away from here. First I went to temple of lord Shiva. This place is known as Dakshin Kashi. One of the attraction at Harihareshwar, is pradikshina marg which passes through a hill and goes along sea shore. Here we can experience some of the beautiful rock carvings formed by waves. Also watching the splashing waves on the rocks is an amazing sight.
On the other side of the temple is Harihareshwar beach. Overall it is a good place considering religious as well as natural aspects. Then I came back to the jetty at around 10.30 am. Next destination was Harnai port to get boat for Suvarndurg fort. I had to take right turn to Kelshi on the way towards Mandangad. In the morning, I had seen the sign board indicating the diversion for Kelshi but on the way back there was not such marking so I missed the turn and wasted around 30 mins. Finally I was on correct route but the road was not in good shape but naturally it was wonderful passing through dense cover of trees. After Kelshi I continued to move towards Harnai. On the way is Anjarle village, there is a beach which is not so long but it is awesome and not so crowded. 
Anjanvel Beach

Suvarndurg from distance

Surprisingly, I witnessed a sea eagle (officially, there are only 60-70 sea eagles remaining along Konkan coast) catching fish in the sea. It was just unbelievable. Sometimes you get to see things you would  not expect to see. I would say, that was one of my memorable experience of this trip. Further, I continued towards Harnai via a bridge on a creek. This road further takes you to Dapoli. In Harnai, I asked for the availabilty of boat to take me to Suvarndurg. But unfortunately there was no boat to take me there.. The reason is custom department has banned tourist visits to the fort because of a mishap happened in May 2010 which involved death of some tourists. I was disappointed to hear this. So I turned back for my next destination Fattegad which is at Harnai port. Before that I had lunch at a small restaurant.. Left my luggage there to explore the fort. It is not in very best condition with wild grass covering the fort. I had a look at major places inside and I left the place for Kanakdurg which is nothing but a small fortified stronghold. Both of  these forts offer great view of sea and surrounding. Later, I departed for Dapoli for night halt which is just 15 kms away from Harnai.


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