Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 2 - Murud, Diveagar and my punctured bike

Kashid Beach
Today I started relatively late at around 7.30 am. Aim was to cover Kashid, Murud, Diveagar and then head to Raigad. Raigad was little bit off track from coastal line. But, a visit to Raigad was on my wishlist for long time and did not want to miss this opportunity.
I started my journey towards Kashid and reached there around 8.30 am. I had visited this beach twice before so just spent 15-20 mins after having a morning walk along the beach. There were 2-3 groups of people enjoying early morning bath in sea.

Dandarajpuri village, Janjira fort in background
 Then I started again for Murud. On the way, I noticed a direction board pointing towards Fansad sanctuary and I listed it down in my future destination list. Soon I reached Murud around 9.00 am. Murud is famous for the "Janjira" fort. "Janjira" means a fort surrounded by water. It was an unconquered fort ruled by Siddis originally from Africa.
Murud beach
Near Murud, there is a palace belonging to Siddi's descendants but it is not open for public. Since, I had visited Murud as well as Janjira fort, I headed to Diveagar after capturing a few snaps.
Bike waiting for boat at Agardanda
I was on motorbike so I went ahead via Dandarajpuri to Agardanda. From here, I had to take a launch to cross the creek till Dighi. I reached Diveagar around 11 am. I faced lot of difficulties to find the correct way to beach. Between I visited the famous Suvarnkesha Ganesh temple. To reach to the main beach follow the direction signs of MTDC exotic resort. It was already 12 pm so I decided to have a lunch at Exotic resort. It was pretty good although little bit expensive. Then I wandered around the beach which is very close to the resort. Later I moved on for Raigad fort. I had to take the route via Mhasala reaching Mahad and then Raigad. Unfortunately my bike had a puncture on the way near Kharse village. Local villagers nearby helped me out. We stopped a motorbike for help and took the punctured wheel out. Then I went to find a puncture repair shop. Finally after spending more than 1 hr, I could ride my bike but now it was nature which came in my way. Rainy weather was forming around so I decided to take a halt at Mhasala instead of going further towards Raigad and taking any chance.


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