Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 7 - Tarkali, Malvan and Devbag

Today's plan was pretty simple visiting 2 beaches and exploring the snorkeling possibility. I started pretty late at 8 am from Kunkeshwar. First destination was Tarkarli. I headed to Malvan which is around 35 kms from Kunkeshwar. I had my breakfast at Mitbaon and continued till Malvan. I had to find MTDC Tarkarli to check the possibility of snorkeling. Unfortunately it was not started yet as the water is not so clear as rainy season was still on. On the way to Tarkarli beach, I rented one room.
Devbag Beach
The owner suggested me to go to Devbag  to take  boat ride to backwater. Devbag is around 6 kms from Tarkarli. I immediately kicked off for Devbag. I could find the place where they provide the boating service. Problem was that I was alone and they were charging 1000 bucks. It includes ride to Bhogve beach, Nivti beach, Dolphin point, Tsunami island.
After giving a prolonged and deep thought, I decided to go for it. In this ride, I specially liked Nivti beach where one can experience exotic beach and amazingly beautiful lagoon.. This place is pretty much untouched so clear and clean. The rock carvings along the sea shore, are also beautiful. Between the boatman were trying to get glimpses of dolphins but unfortunately we could not see anything. He mentioned that they saw a flock of 40 dolphins in the morning. While we were chatting, I asked him whether he has seen any whale in the sea. He told, it is seen very rarely once in a year or so. They are mostly found in deep sea and never appear in shallow water. Also, he added that he had seen mating of whales years back in 1985 and never saw such thing again and it was great to witness such a scene.
Nivti Beach

Then, we continued to the Tsunami island. It's a small island which was formed after the Tsunami struck in 2004. It goes on increasing in size as the rain comes to end. Also he mentioned that the strand at the beach is formed this year and such geographical changes keep on happening in this area. Overall it was worth spending, although we could not spot any dolphin.. He offered me a free ride next day if there were any other group coming. Finally we reached the shore. I asked them about lunch option specially prawns (Kolambi). They recommended "Athithi Bamboo" which is in Malvan and I rode all the way 12 kms for lunch :). Truly speaking it was more than worth.
Fishing boats at Nivti Beach
I turned back to my room in Tarkarli. Took some rest after my failed attempt to read a book.
In the evening, I went for a walk on the stretch of Tarkarli beach.. Cool breeze and piece of mind what else a human mind needs. While on my way back, I saw Ganesh procession going on. I was little bit surprised. Then I came to know from a local boy that some of them celebrate the festival for 21 days. I would not have known this if I had not been here.


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